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Can't remember your password?
First, enter the email address that you were issued by your email provider. For example,

Second, your password is either the same as your email account password, or you were assigned a new password in the activation email. We suggest that you try the password that accompanies that ISP email account. If it does not work, check the error message for instructions.

You can also get your password information by checking your email inbox for the activation message sent by your provider, titled "[your email provider] has activated your new mail services".

Other Useful Tips:

Remove and Deliver Messages
Once you log in to your Message Center to review suspicious messages, you should DELIVER legitimate email and REMOVE the junk email. The filters will increase in accuracy by doing this.

Check Back Often
Check your Message Center on a regular basis and remove junk email and deliver legitimate email. The service can be configured to remember your legitimate email senders, and will allow those senders to bypass filters.